ghattasCardinal Patriarch Stephanos Ghattas of Alexandria has died. Pope Benedict directs part of his letter of condolence to the Cardinal’s confreres in the Congregation of the Mission. See the Vincentian Encyclopedia for his biography

Learning with sorrow about the death of Honorable Cardinal STEPHANOS II GHATTAS, C.M., Patriarch Emeritus of Alexandria of Copts, I would like to express my UNION IN PRAYER WITH YOUR PATRIARCHAL CHURCH, with the family of the deceased and with all those affected by mourning. I pray, that Risen Christ will receive in joy and peace this faithful servant of the Church, who first, as missionary in the Congregation of the Mission, then as Bishop of Luxor and finally as Patriarch, has dedicated himself with zeal and simplicity to the service of God’s people in a spirit of dialog and coexistence with all. As a sign of reassurance, I grant wholeheartedly, the blessing, bliss, Apostolic benediction to you the bishops, priests and faithful of Patriarchate of Alexandria of Copts, Vincentian confreres of deceased Cardinal, members of his family and people who will hopefully take part in the funeral liturgy.  Benedictus PP. XVI


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