The LCUSA cross, designed and assembled by the Ladies of Charity of Dallas, was a gift to participants from The Ladies of Charity of Texas. It was their way to wish participants a safe journey home to continue the works of St. Vincent.

The Story of the LCUSA Cross (cross and story copyright Ladies of Charity of Texas)

In the development of this tiny cross it was necessary to enhance the photo size over 500% to work with the design The physical characteristics of each of the people were fully revealed by this computer enhancement. What was previously unseen became seen… discolorations of the skin due to malnutrition, matted and dirty hair soiled clothing worn shoes and feet without shoes at all covered with sores. Each one bearing the face of Christ. These people are from the Diocese of Dallas and the Diocese of Trujillo in Honduras. Symbolically they represent the works of all Ladies of Charity everywhere.

† The image of Jesus with his open arms is a mural in Iglesia San Cristobal, in Barrio Cristales, Trujillo, Honduras, a Garifuna community. The image reflects the community’s roots in Africa. The Garifuna people were captured and sold into slavery in Africa On their Journey to the New World they were shipwrecked off the Caribbean coast Descendants of these survivors are devout Catholics Jesus is standing before the bright Caribbean sunset with welcoming arms bringing the Garifuno to safety and freedom This is their salvation story The altar in their Church is in the form of a boat

† The two women standing side by side are sharing a conversation. One is homeless and has participated in a meal at the Day Resource Center in Dallas. The other is a Lady of Charity who has come to serve her. She symbolizes each of us servants of Christ.

†  The man who is carrying the box with lunches reminds us of our ‘call’ to promote positive ways that the poor can help themselves. He is assisting with meals at a shelter in Dallas

†  The woman with her child close to her side is active in the Church in her impoverished community in Puerto Castillo, Honduras. Her child watches and learns by her example of faith. Through her faith the community grows.

†At the center is Saint Vincent with outstretched hands offering us the gift to be evangelized by his beloved Poor.

†  The young man who stands behind the lady is from a family of eight children His father died when the youngest child was an infant. He is the man of the family. His mother a talented seamstress, was given a sewing machine and she is able to support her children and help this elderly widow by providing a home and an economic opportunity. The whole family is involved as Catechists in their parish in Honduras Aguan Honduras.
The man who is standing 5 a veteran and he has also been homeless and coping with mental health issues for a number of ‘years. He reminds us of the needs of those who are Veterans and also homeless

†  The two smiling sisters who stand below St. Vincent live in Tocoa, Honduras. Their father is employed by the Diocese of 1r’ujii1o They represent hope for the future of Honduras and perhaps someday they will Join the new group of Damas de la Caridad (Ladies of Charity) in Trujillo and serve those who are extremely poor in their own community.
†  The cute children who greet us are from a group of 7 preschool age children who were supervised by one older child Despite the conditions they live in they possess joy in meeting a visitor The warmth of their greeting shows us the beauty of the human spirit. Gracias a Dios.