UGIVE, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization “makes philanthropy relevant, fun and interesting to the younger generation by encouraging students to find their passion through volunteering.”

UGIVE focuses solely on volunteerism by youth. It seeks to “bridge[] the gap between SCHOOLS requiring community service, CHARITIES desperately in need of volunteers, and the STUDENTS who have the time, energy and passion to do the work.” UGIVE serves as a clearinghouse and information source, providing a “seal of approval” that lets schools and parents know that particular volunteer activities are worthwhile and listing those activities in a way that makes them easily accessible to students and their teachers and parents. If a volunteer project requires financial support, UGIVE invites students to apply for grants to fund the project.

Although currently operating only in Kentucky and Ohio, UGIVE may offer a useful model for tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of youth.

More information can be found on the UGIVE website.