“The feast of Corpus Christi is an invitation to Christians to work for the elimination of world hunger” writes Benedict XVI. He adds “Dear brothers and sisters, may the feast of Corpus Domini be an occasion to grow in this concrete attention to our brothers, especially the poor”

Selected quotes for reflection…

“He was born in Bethlehem, which in Hebrew means ‘House of Bread,’ and when he began to preach to the crowds he revealed that the Father sent him into the world as ‘living bread come down from heaven,’ as ‘bread of life.'”

“Those who eat the Bread of Christ cannot remain indifferent before those who, even in our days, lack daily bread”

“The Church does not only pray ‘give us this day our daily bread,’ but, following the Lord’s example, works in every way ‘to multiply the five loaves and two fish’ with countless humanitarian efforts and sharing so that no one remains without the necessities of life.”

Full text from Zenit