As a follow-up to the recent item about Sr. Brenda’s Thrift Shop having surplus clothes that could be used elsewhere in the world I am happy to report that another Daughter has claimed the clothes for the poor in Venezuela.”John, the Daughters of Charity of Sanare attend to 100 interns (from 12-18 yrs old) 20 semi-intern and about 200 externs . The interns come from caseríos(mountainous villages) the farthest could be reach only by mules or horses.We welcome them to stay in our school so as to have the opportunity to study from Grade 4 to 9 . Their families cultivate in their very small lots some coffee and bananas ,as they don´t have any means of transportation their product is only for family consumption.

Our school OSPA( Obra Social para adultos) Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima does not only attend to the girls from the villages but also of this town who are very poor, mostly coming from jobless parents. Our students don´t pay for their schooling. AVEC( Asociación Venezolana de Educación Católica) pay the monthly salary of our teachers.All the other expenses are shouldered by us and help from private citizens. Thanks for your effort to help us.

Elena Faura, DC