Jayne Craven write… Think that your organization needs special software in order for people in different locations, or even at different organizations, to work on the same document or file? Or that everyone must have exactly the same software to work on the same document or file?
Think again.The vast majority of mission-based organizations (nonprofits, non-governmental organizations or NGOs, civil society organizations, public sector agencies, etc.) cannot require all of their affiliated organizations, staff and volunteers to all use the same kinds of computers, operating systems and software. Often, they also cannot afford even a few hundred dollars on software that allows people in remote locations to all view the same document or presentation at the same time. But these limitations do NOT mean you cannot easily share data, documents and presentations among others relatively easily. The key to sharing documents isn’t your computer technology; it’s how your humans save and share information. It’s mostly about good organization and good management.

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