U.S. Povety Fact Sheet (for Int’l Day for the Eradication of Poverty – Oct. 17)
Death Penalty Litany (for Nat’l Weekend of Faith and Action on the Death Penalty – Oct. 21-23)
The Death Penalty from a CST Perspective
The United Nations fact sheet (for UN Day – Oct. 24)
Nuclear Disarmament (for Disarmament Week – October 24-30)The Education for Justice site has resources for each of these days.

This site also has resources for the following

The Road to Hong Kong – Prepare for Upcoming WTO Meeting
Service and Justice: Surrounded by the Faces of God
Action Alert: Fair Trade Halloween
Action Alerts: Speak out about Darfur and about Cuts to Food Programs and Development Aid
Human Rights Unit – in Spanish
EfJ Spirituality and Solidarity Retreat Application
Weekly Lectionary Reflection
Guidelines on Sharing EfJ Resources

If you are interested in any of these resources please write John Freund, C.M.