The Daily Inquirer of the Philippines recounts the story of the 1945 massacre in which a Duaghter of Charity died.Alfonso Aluit recounts in his book “By Sword and Fire:”

“The San Agustin church and monastery by this time were full of hostages — men, women and children. The church sheltered the women and children. The men overflowed into the cloisters and patios.

“Sister Caridad Ocampo, 45, was a Daughter of Charity on the staff of Santa Isabel College in Intramuros. Sister Caridad had accompanied the Mother Superior of Santa Isabel to seek shelter for her community in San Agustin. Sister Caridad found herself a new role as girls rushed up to her and the other nuns, seeking protection. Japanese personnel, singly and in groups, were going about shining flashlights or lamps into the faces of the women. Anyone they fancied would be taken forcibly to secluded corners … and subjected to sexual abuse … ”

Philippine Daily Inquirer