Four calendars and one almanac for 2005 do that and more. They enable us to savor what some mystics have called “thick time,” an expansion of the present moment into something very precious because it is filled with meaning. Time is a tyrant to many of us these days. We are putting in more hours at work and scrambling to fit the rest of the day’s activities into our crowded schedule. We talk about multitasking to make up for the gap between what has to be done and what we have time for. All this pressure is taking a heavy toll on our psyches.

We all need some daily refreshment, time to connect with a deeper part of ourselves, a zone of quiet and reflection for nourishing our souls. Father Thomas Keating has observed that “it only takes a moment for God to enrich you.” What if our calendars, instead of being symbols of oppression, were reminders of the sacredness of time? What if they told us that every slot of our day is full of spiritual possibilities?

From Spiritualilty and Health