The intention of this day is to bring all nations and peoples together to observe a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.  In conjunction with this day an international movement began to raise awareness of this important day by holding vigils, spiritual observances and community events around the globe

PEACE X PEACE is proud to support this powerful action towards a more peaceful world and we encourage you to join us in this effort.


You can help make International Day of Peace a success, just as you did on International Women’s Day in March 2004– by screening our award-winning documentary, “Peace By Peace: Women on the Frontlines.”  On International Women’s Day, the documentary was seen in 16 states across the US and 5 countries across the world from Colorado to Kabul. 


On Sept 21st we hope to reach twice as many people and places to honor women around the world whose actions are necessary tools to building peace, sustaining ceasefire and practicing non-violence.  With your support, it will happen!


The documentary film, Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines is available for both larger public screening events and private home viewings to commemorate International Day of Peace on September 21st.   Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Lange, the film profiles women in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burundi and the United States who are building the foundations for sustainable peace out of conflict and crisis.  Focusing on two women in each country, Women on the Frontlines celebrates their courageous work.  


For more information on obtaining the documentary for your International Day of Peace event, please contact Jennifer Vanden Bosch at


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