Sr. Mary Wedding, SC has supplied us with a translation of excerpts from a conference given in French by Fr. Bernard Koch CM on Vincent’s concept of Baptism.The spirituality of Saint Vincent is not only a spirituality of action; it is a mystique; it is contemplation and union with God.

The virtues to be practiced are rooted in deep sentiments of faith, in a theology very confident and always personal. […] These virtues do not consist only in attitude and practice, nor simply in asceticism, morality or philanthropy, but indeed are the concrete expression of a life of deep faith through which we die to ourselves, that is to say, to our obstacles, to our complications, to our addictions, to our tendency to be closed in on ourselves, in order that Jesus may live in us through charity and continue through us His teaching and His activity of goodness [,.,]

Father Koch explains that the interior life of deep faith and ardent love of God rests on two foundations: a theological foundation: the Holy Trinity, a principal point of consideration for Saint Vincent (which will not be developed here) and a sacramental foundation: Baptism.