Thanks to a collaborative effort the international CM site has begun posting a translation of a Spanish series devoted to a chronological reconstruction of the life of Vincent. Rev. Mitxel Olabuenaga, C.M. writes …”Father Rafael Villarroya, a missionary and the Provincial of Zaragosa, died without publishing any of his manuscripts.  Those who knew him were very aware of his love for teaching and research.  Books, articles, places, photographs…. anything related to Saint Vincent, he “hoarded”(a very appropriate use of the word).  When he was missioned to Pamplona, and later to Zaragosa, I had the opportunity to help him “put a little order” into his abundant material.  Part of his work was destroyed in an accidental fire; other parts of his work, only God knows where they are!

“Among his many works, I took charge of preparing the materials he titled: Chronological Dictionary of Vincentian History: 1580-1660.  A first volume dealt with the history of France.  This second volume details the life and work of Vincent de Paul.  So this second volume, after editing some of the supporting notes, is now offered to the public.”

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