Deborah Payne writes…This e-mail gives you a thorough insight into the Catholic Social
Ministry Gathering in Washington,D.C.Our Society of St Vincent de Paul
mid year meeting will be held prior to and in conjunction with this
Catholic Gathering [Feb 20,2004-Feb 25, 2004].
You will receive a
registration package in the mail some time in early November 2003.Please
share this info with your Vincentian friends and encourage them to
attend our mid -year meeting in the Nation’s Capitol.The registration
package will include the schedule for our Society of St Vincent de Paul
meeting[Feb 20-Feb21] and guidelines on getting to the Hyatt Regency
Hotel from each of the three Washington airports.

Please join us for what
promises to be a special meeting as we join our National President in
our real life rendition of “Mr Smith Goes To Washington”.