Sr. Maureen Wild, SC, MEd announces a new home for the Center for Earth and Spirit.
The Centre for Earth and Spirit, expresses our desire to unite Earth consciousness with nourishment and healing for our Spirit and for Spirit presence within the body of all creation.
I believe that in this critical time of ecological and spiritual crisis, Earth calls us to recognize and reclaim our kinship, our inherent oneness with and as Earth, and to honor all as sacred. The evolving story of our Universe offers an origin story that helps to unite all peoples, regardless of religious preference and spiritual orientation, in commonly held ‘cosmological values’ that honor differences, respect interiority and celebrate our oneness in an intimately interconnected and interdependent Universe. See Maureen’s 2003-2004 schedule of programs.

The Centre for Earth and Spirit is a non-profit organization committed to the protection and healing of Earth through fostering a mutually-enhancing human-Earth relationship. It provides resources, programs and retreats focusing on a New Cosmology, Earth Literacy, Sustainability and Spirituality, and the Earth Charter.