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A RealAudio and visual drama written by Dr. Woodrow Kroll and Keith Ghormley intended to enrich and challenge your understanding of Easter. . The Twelve Voices of Easter

Judas – Voice of Betrayal
Peter – Voice of Denial
The Chief Priests – Voices of Deception
Caiaphas – Voice of Condemnation
Pilate – Voice of Evasion
The Mob – Voice of Hatred
The Thief – Voice of Faith
The Centurion – Voice of Affirmation
Joseph of Arimathea – Voice of Courage
Mary Magdalene – Voice of Adoration
Cleopas – Voice of Assurance
Thomas – Voice of Doubt

“The Easter story demands a verdict. Ambivalence toward Jesus, as Pilate learned, is unbelief. Will you join the voices of Mary Magdalene, Cleopas, Thomas and others, and recognize that Jesus is the risen Lord, the Savior of sinful man? Like Peter, you will discover that Jesus longs to offer you forgiveness and a second chance. ”
The Twelve Voices of Easter is best experienced with the RealAudio plug-in and a modem speed of 28.8 or faster

The above is a feature of Back to the Bible – The Good News Broadcasting Association, Inc.