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Projects in Progress as reported in NUNTIA of tghe Congregation of the Mission. The Campaign against Hunger continues to spread and develop in many of the countries where the Vincentian Family is present. The Coordinat-ing Commission for the Project (Any Rodrí-guez, Coordinator: and Ben-jamín Romo: has received communications and notices about the activi-ties that have taken place; this material is abundant. In order to follow up on the Cam-paign, this Commission is developing a syn-thesis of the projects which are being carried out in the different countries and which have been brought to its attention. This material will be presented by continents. You can find on the Vincentian Family web site ( some of the projects that are being carried out already in Latin America. On the same Internet site, projects from the rest of the countries and continents will appear shortly.

Through this medium, the Project Commission asks the confreres and the mem-bers of the Vincentian Family involved in the Campaign to visit the web site and become acquainted with this information, to send it other projects being developed by the Vin-centian Family in various countries, and to organize new projects and present them to institutions which are willing to offer financial assistance in carrying them out. The Project against Hunger Commission is available to advise them and direct them toward said institutions.

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