Year of Faith

How did I live the Year of Faith?

On the threshold of the Year of Faith Sr. Catherine was stunned by a call to go to Turkey even though she did not speak the language. The story of this Year of Faith is recounted on the international website of the Daughters of Charity and begins..."How did I live the...

“Year of Faith” leads to “Formation Fridays”

As the Year of Faith draws to an end we at FamVin/VinFormation  end our monthly series of reflections "Year of Faith"  and begin a new weekly series "Formation Fridays". The Year of Faith was a call to deepen our faith and engage in evangelization. Formation Fridays...

Physician – “Working Mom” – Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

She wanted to be a missionary in Brazil, but this member of the Society of Vincent de Paul found sanctity as a physician and "working Mom". Continuing our Vincentian Year of Faith Series we feature the heroic modern saint, St. Gianna Beretta Molla (1922-1962). See the...

Door of Faith: St. Agostina Pietrantoni

St. Agostina is an inspiring example of the Vincentian blend of contemplation and action. She had a great devotion to the Mother of God, and her favorite prayer was the Rosary. She served the sick at Santo Spirito Hospital, saying: “We will lie down for such a long time after death that it is worthwhile to keep standing while we are alive. Let us work now; one day we will rest.”

Frederic Ozanam opens the door of faith

Frederic Ozanam opens the door of faith

Vinformation presents the fourth in its monthly series on the Year of Faith In Vincentian Family Perspectives... Frederic Ozanam opens the door to faith "The problem which divides people today is not a political problem, it is a social one. It is a matter of knowing...

Pray tiny bit more in the Year of Faith

Looking for a simple way to deepen prayer in the coming year? "Pray just a tiny bit more." This guest post from Susan Stabile offers an example of a simple  way of building on things that are already a pattern in our lives. In this case it is as simple asmaking it a...

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