Articles for World Youth Day

Willing to run away from routine?

The opening live of a very effective 2 minute video setting the stage for WYD Rio. Website:  

Meeting God in beauty – WYD Festivals

The Youth Festival has the objective to promote the meeting of man with God, through the beauty expressed in the artistic shows and Brazil’s natural and cultural richness. All the cultural and religious acts are strongly rooted in Catholic Christian faith, but go...

Official WYD 2013 app

There really is an app for that... and it is available for just about all mobile platforms.. Information about logistics, transport, food, as well as the official schedule can be found on the Rio2013 app. World Youth Day, an international meeting of young people with...

Two million person flash mob for Pope

RomeReports  - World Youth Day wants to take the world by surprise. So among other events, on Sunday July 28th, an enormous flash-mob is being organized, featuring two million dancers. Its creators have even produced a video explaining the various dance steps, just in...

Pope's Message for World Youth Day

Now, at a time when Europe greatly needs to rediscover its Christian roots, our meeting will take place in Madrid with the theme: “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (cf. Col 2:7). I encourage you to take part in this event, which is so important for the Church in Europe and for the universal Church.
Dear Friends,

Fiji and the Vincentian world

Two news items about the work of Vincentians in Fiji. Fr. Gregory Gay, CM visits Fiji in July  and the Australian CM site reports that  Alicia Webster NSW State Vice-President of the Society travelled with four other young Vincentians to Fiji’s main island of Viti...

Pope Gives Themes for Next 3 Youth Days

( Benedict XVI is inviting youth to celebrate the next two World Youth Days at the diocesan level, leading up to a culmination in the 2011 Madrid event. A statement from the Holy See affirmed that the Pope picked event themes for the '09 and '10 youth...

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