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World Day of Water

As I’m sitting at my computer, writing this on World Water day (March 22, 2020), I’m very much aware of the discrepancies throughout our world, our shared planet.

World Water Week: In pursuit of SDG 6

In pursuit of Strategic Development Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. That was World Water week 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. World Water Week 2017 Overview More than half of households worldwide have access to clean...

Justice Concerns – Srs. of Charity

Human Trafficking: Throughout human trafficking awareness month, individuals are invited to pray with the prayer located here and raise their awareness by reading the January issue of Stop Trafficking co-sponsored by the SCN’s is available here.     Water:  The LCWR...

Water for the poor – a solvable problem

In case you did not know it ... More than 800 million people currently live without access to safe drinking water, and more than 2 billion live without even basic sanitation. As tragic as this crisis is, it can be solved! Access to safe water and sanitation is at the...

Think outside the bottle

Americans have been hitting the bottle...the water bottle, that is. Americans have mistakenly come to believe that water served in plastic is healthier than water out of the tap. (Actually, a governmewnt report shows that bottled water quality is less strictly...

International Blog Action Day – Water

International Blog Action Day – Water

4,641 Blogs, in 134 Countries, reaching 34,698,241 Readers – Blog Action Day focuses on water. There have been some recent posts on famvin about water but for those of you who want to dig deeper into the often shocking, disheartening, yet hopeful issues around water, we’ve outlined a list of ideas for things to write about below.

Startling facts about water

For starters … more people have access to a cell phone than to a toilet. Calling all Vincentian Family bloggers! Blog Action Day is devoted to raising our consciousness. More than 2,200 bloggers from 113 different countries have already registered to blog about these and other startling facts, with more and more joining every day.

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