Louise de Marillac – A Pilgrimage: Montmirail (Video)

In this video produced by Mission and Ministry DePaul University, Sister Kara Davis, D.C. tells us about St. Louise’s journey to Montmirail and how we are invited to go and do likewise in our own way, today.

The Congregation of the Mission: Revitalizing Our Identity

Some preparatory materials are being provided ahead of the 2022 CM General Assembly, for reflection and sharing. One of the documents is “The identity of the CM at the beginning of its fifth centenary” by Vinícius Augusto Teixeira, CM.

When God Calls… An Extraordinary Decision

Living in a country where the Roman Catholic religion comprises a very small percentage is not a great factor in entering religious life!

Perseverance Accomplishes Everything (Lived experience in Tepecoyo, El Salvador)

Sister Ana Rosa Moran, DC shares with us her 40 years of missionary service in Tepecoyo (El Salvador)

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