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How St. Vincent de Paul’s Spiritual Vision Evolved (Video)

Our new video describes how St. Vincent’s spiritual vision evolved over the years, as he was influenced by his collaborators and by persons he encountered who were living in different forms of poverty. Based on the essay “Vincent de Paul in Châtillon: The birth of a new spiritual vision” by Jaime Corera, C.M.

NY Sisters of Charity “Vision” online

The Fall 2013  edition of VISION, a publication of the New York Sisters of Charity, is now available online. Vision-Fall-2013 Some highlights President's Message Golden Jubilarians —Two Hundred Years of Loving Service Celebrated The Sisters of Charity— Continuing the...

Challenges to Francis’ Vision

John L. Allen Jr.  offers thoughts on Challenges to vision of a 'Poor Church for the Poor'   "How I would like a poor church for the poor," Francis said. It's a fitting sentiment for a pope who took his name from Francis of Assisi, a saint renowned for his love affair...

What young Catholics want

The church young Catholics want As a young Catholic who works with many young Catholics, Annie Selak, offers these thoughts in a Washington Post piece. A church that takes our experience seriously A church that emphasizes the inclusive ministry of Jesus A church that...
SVDP VISION (New South Wales Australia)

SVDP VISION (New South Wales Australia)

The latest issue of Vision,  published thee times yearly by the Society of St Vncent de Paul in New South Wales, is now available online.   A number of interesting articles are attractively presented, including a report on the very successful CEO Sleepout for...

Amanda offers “cheat sheet” for discerners

Amanda offers A Cheat-Sheet for Discerners of Religious Life

“I don’t know about you but I loved that time in junior/senior year of high school when colleges began to “recruit”. Why? Because that meant lots of mail from different colleges, which meant, for me, lots of anticipation and excitement for the future. As I flipped through the pages of their brochures and magazines, I tried to imagine myself there. And there were so many choices, so many places to imagine. But the number of choices were also overwhelming at times. So overwhelming that, in fact, I applied to five different colleges – not making a final decision until shortly before graduation.

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