Virtual Stations of the Cross – BustedHalo

BustedHalo presents the traditional devotion in a virtual way to help you reflect on the mystery of Jesus’ death and what it still means to us today. Busted Halo® has created a series of virtual stations designed for personal devotion wherever you are. These stations...

Plan B – “Mt. 25 in an age of mobile devices”

Did you know Murphy was an optimist? At least that is what Callaghan's Corollary to Murphy's Law states. We all know that computer equipment can fail but it always happens some one else. (Raise your hand if you thought it could never happen to you!) Unfortunately, the...

Using technology to deepen faith

Virtual retreat houses and monasteries - A video clip from  reports that he Archdiocese of Valencia, Spain put forth their own proposal for Lent. It's a virtual monastery that offers ideas on what to give up during this season. In this particular abbey...

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