A Challenge is in the Air

Think about the hot button issues of the day: Police reform, Climate change, Poverty, Homelessness, Election reform, Systemic racism, #metoo… Tou name it. People are calling for more than just quick but temporary fixes. People are calling for systemic reform.

Vincentians – Celebrating and Challenging

Let’s remember what we learned during COVID-19, especially how we managed to maintain our personal relationship with those who, in addition to the daily challenges of living in poverty, must now weather the effects of the pandemic.

Vincentians as Storytellers

Vincentians can be the storytellers to policy makers and others who may never “see” poverty in all of its forms.

Culture of encounter and Vincentians

Culture of encounter and Vincentians - In his address to the Bishops of the United States Pope Francis said "we are promoters of the culture of encounter. We are living sacraments of the embrace between God’s riches and our poverty. We are witnesses of the abasement...
A man drawn to serve the poor

A man drawn to serve the poor

In a time of ignorance and suffering there was a man drawn to serve the poor. And his story became their story... And the story of 4,000 priests and brothers, 25,000 sisters and over 800,000 people who walk in his footsteps. They face the challenges of those who are...

Vincent – Life from both sides

Vincent – Life from both sides

"Vincent dePaul - Patron and Client" - The website of the Australian Vincentians has a link to a study by  Guy Hartcher CM. "To understand M. Vincent de Paul as evangeliser and worker for the poor we must understand the socio-political world in which he lived....

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