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Articles for Vincentians

“Repair the world” Tikkun Olam for Vincentians

“Together in Christ, we Vincentians make a Difference.”

Free food in public refrigerator – Pro? and Con?

Why not put a refrigerator on the street for the hungry and homeless to access?

Vincentian – There but for the grace of God…

I realized that the poor and those in need did not bring it on themselves in most cases, as people accuse them of. I also realized: “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Who are Vincentians?

“As a Vincentian, I am privileged to be called to serve those in poverty, inspired by the spirit of St. Vincent. ” So, who are the Vincentians? What are their characteristics?

A man drawn to serve the poor

A man drawn to serve the poor

In a time of ignorance and suffering there was a man drawn to serve the poor. And his story became their story... And the story of 4,000 priests and brothers, 25,000 sisters and over 800,000 people who walk in his footsteps. They face the challenges of those who are...

Vincent – Life from both sides

Vincent – Life from both sides

"Vincent dePaul - Patron and Client" - The website of the Australian Vincentians has a link to a study by  Guy Hartcher CM. "To understand M. Vincent de Paul as evangeliser and worker for the poor we must understand the socio-political world in which he lived....

Scenes from “Dialogue with Islam”

Scenes from “Dialogue with Islam”

Over sixty Vincentians from 37 countries  journeyed to Pohsarang in Indonesia to join the Catholics in celebration of Sunday Eucharist. Yakobis Surabaya presents a musical interlude capturing scenes from the symposium of interreligious dialogue with Islam in Pacet,...

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