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Articles for Vincentians of Wherever

Study finds a program that worX!

Have you ever bothered to study the long term results of your youth and young adult program?

Charism is the Core of our Lives: #VincentianMonth is Every Month

Living simply, caring for our planet and conserving resources, … are just a few of the ways we continue to live out the charism.

Guided Through Many of Life’s Important Decisions #VincentiansofWherever

Active in her Catholic parish community, Jonna uses her faith to help guide her through many of life’s important decisions, like her internship.

Saint Vincent de Paul Young Adult Center

The St. Vincent de Paul Young Adult Center, located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia (USA), provides unique educational service trips following the examples of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. Their aim is to allow students to have an...
Love and Compassion

Love and Compassion

I recently read a quote that struck me, “Love is choosing to serve someone and be with someone in spite of there [imperfections]. ” My time at Epiphany has been both challenging and rewarding; each day I am reminded of the power and beauty of love and compassion. The...

Men Transforming Men

Men Transforming Men

"We're all on a spiritual Journey. The question is whether you're awake to it or not." We've shared a few posts about the women from the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers who have had opportunities for spiritual exploration and discernment recently, but what about the...

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