A Vincentian Minute: St. Vincent and St. Francis

Fr. Rooney talks about Vincent and Francis on the day after Francis’ feast day.

The Mutating Vincentian Virus

COVID 19  Is both similar to and very different from the Vincentian Virus. St. Vincent was “patient zero”. We also know the power of the Vincentian Virus and how St. Vincent spread this powerful virus.

“… In Name Only”?

Do we have a “cafeteria mentality” when choosing what it means to be a Catholic?

“Bring Good News To the Poor” – Jesus’ Mission Statement

Jesus Mission statement is short. “Bring Good News to the poor.” Six words! They were the most powerful words in his life. What did these words mean to Saints Vincent and Louise? Us?

“Forgetting who you are”

“Forgetting who you are”

With this reflection, Forgetting Who You Are - Pat Griffin CM continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" Recently, a friend of mine said something which stuck in my mind. The guidance was not original or profoundly stated, but I heard its wisdom and warning...