Vincentian Volunteers

Young Adults…Looking for a Meaningful Professional Next-Step? Consider a Year with VVC!

I’m reaching out to invite you to consider helping spread the word about the Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati to the young people in your life.

In the World of the Poor: The Vincentian Volunteer Corps

WCPO Digital Reporter Lucy May and Photojournalist Emily Maxwell are following this group of Volunteer Vincentians of Cincinnati throughout their experience in the world of poor people. They tell us, "This marks the sixth year for the program and the largest number of...

5 Myths About Being a Vincentian Volunteer

In a great piece of writing, the Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati teach us some good information for volunteer recruitment and how to write a great article! There are many misconceptions about doing a year of service. This post looks to dispel some of these myths...

A Day in the life of the Social Service Client Advocate

I was discerning a Vincentian year of service for a while but I just didn’t know where. I honestly don’t know how this program ended up being the one I applied to, but I just couldn’t shake away the idea of it. I was so comfortable with my lifestyle that I knew I...
The Summons #IamVincent

The Summons #IamVincent

When I reflect on my first few weeks with my community and the St. Vincent de Paul society, I cannot help but listen and relate to the hymn, “The Summons”. Each line in this song is a question which seems to directly hit the points I am feeling in this phase of my...

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