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A Steadying Presence (Ps 128; Romans 8:35-39)

“God” is not just another word, but rather the designation of the overflowing reality at the heart of everything.

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

In his unaffected way, he was voicing a truth that runs across the whole length of the Bible and all down the avenues of our faith: “I give help because I have been helped.”

Lifting the Veil (Is. 25: 6-8; Phil 4:20; Mt 22:1-14)

One of the favorite images seen all through the Scriptures is the feast, the sumptuous banquet overflowing, as Isaiah pictures it, with “juicy, rich food and choice wines.”

A Collaborative Witness (Luke 8:1-3)

Certainly the words and actions of such groups are meant to proclaim God’s Kingdom, but their very collaboration is itself an announcement of the Message.

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

Nimble in Advent

Nimble in Advent (Is. 64; I Cor 1:3; Mk. 13:33) There’s a term I’ve heard used lately in business circles that’s practically become a buzz word. And that’s “nimble.” It refers to the quickness with which a given company can react to changes happening in the world...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

Getting Ready…Be Prepared

“Getting Ready” (Wisdom 6:12-16; Mt 25:1-13) “Be Prepared” is a famous theme in Boy Scout lore but also frequently shows up in the Scriptures. The injunction in the Book of Wisdom to keep a watchful eye for the coming of God’s presence (Wisdom 6), and Jesus’ praise of...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

Words That Ring Deep and True

Some years ago, I experienced what you might call a “surprise in sound.” Coming down a corridor talking with a few other people in normal voices, we turned a corner into a smaller space. All at once our voices took on another sound -- fuller, richer, you might even...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

The Character of God

I remember talking to a man who was leaving a good position in his company after over 30 years on the job. He didn’t want to, but he said it wasn’t the same company he had come to those three decades ago. He lamented that it had lost its lights and heart, particularly...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

The Finger of God

Just last week at the end of a sequence of calamitous happenings in the country and world, someone remarked that if he had one wish it would be that when turning on the news he’d hear something other than bad news. His wish caught the dark and heavy feelings of the...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

On Not Shutting Down

I know two young men who were given a set of CD’s of the greats in classical music. Neither of them ever listened to nor had any appreciation for this kind of track. The one said, “This stuff is boring and even hard on my ears. I’ll humor my uncle who gave them to me,...

Through the Veil (Isaiah 11; Hebrews 6)

Living in a Time of Extremes

To us who live in a time when extremes on the left and right of the spectrum seem glaring, St. Paul comes with this counsel for keeping on course. “Do not conform yourselves to this age. But be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” To paraphrase him, “There are...

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