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Articles for vincentian spirituality

Lifting the Veil (Is. 25: 6-8; Phil 4:20; Mt 22:1-14)

One of the favorite images seen all through the Scriptures is the feast, the sumptuous banquet overflowing, as Isaiah pictures it, with “juicy, rich food and choice wines.”

A Collaborative Witness (Luke 8:1-3)

Certainly the words and actions of such groups are meant to proclaim God’s Kingdom, but their very collaboration is itself an announcement of the Message.

Magis (Matthew 20:1-16)

There is the Jesuit one-word motto, “magis,” the Latin for “more,” meant to remind them that God is always “more than,” always greater.  But greater than what?

Sacramental Speaking and Listening (Ezekiel, 33; Matthew, 18)

A question often on the lips of a believer: where and how is God present in my life?

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