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AIC Volunteers in Vietnam Work to Reduce Plastic Waste

To reduce plastic waste and raise awareness about environmental protection, AIC volunteers decided to begin selling rice straws in their local community.

“To be with God and with the People of God”: the mission of the newly ordained priests in the Province of Vietnam

The Vietnamese Province of the Congregation for the Mission continues to reap the fruits of its intense vocation ministry.

Vincentian Family Office Visit to Oceania and the Asia Pacific (part 2)

A brief overview Fr. Joseph Agostino, CM and Pamela Mantuhac’s visit to 15 countries in which the Vincentian Family is serving the poor. (Part 2 of 4)

Formation of the Province of Vietnam

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, the great event of the Congregation of Mission in Vietnam was the Mass that established the New Province at the Sacred Heart Church in Dalat. Although the weather was quite cold in the morning, the guests still arrived in the provincial...
Vietnamese Vincentian website

Vietnamese Vincentian website

While the vast majority of the readers of do not read Vietnamese many of our groups work in ministries with Vietnamese people. The website of the Congregation of the Mission ministering in Vietnam may be a helpful resource.  

Brothers of Charity awarded 65,000 €

Brothers of Charity awarded 65,000 €

On September 18, the psychiatric centre of the Brothers of Charity in Bukavu received the triannual Caritas International – Deckers Award because of the remarkable pioneering work in mental health care in Congo’s war-torn South Kivu Province. The psychiatric centre,...

Syria: moral dilemma

Syria: moral dilemma

Syria: moral dilemma facing today’s leaders - Ethics of military action Ivor Roberts writes in the Tablet of  Britain.. After a suspected chemical weapons attack on his own people by the Assad regime in Syria, the clamour for the West to act is growing. But there is...

What exactly makes a person happy?

What exactly makes a person happy?  asks "What exactly makes a person happy? What's does success really mean for a family, society or better yet, for an entire country? History proves that happiness is not directly related to money. So the question is how is happiness measured?  The ...

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