A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Women 01

Fr. Rooney starts a new series called “Vincentian Women.” This week: Louise de Marillac.

Fr. Aidan R. Rooney, C.M.: The Word, Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Rooney reflects on the steps for you and me to prepare to act as prophets, which comes from a connection with the Spirit of God.

Series of Short Video Reflections from SVP England and Wales

Jon Cornwall, Director of Membership, SVP England and Wales, presents a series of short videos on the way we love, and other threads of our Vincentianism that are worth reflecting on.

The God Minute: Karen’s Story

A Marian-themed reflection.

Now on Social: Busted Halo for Triduum

Now on Social: Busted Halo for Triduum Catholic Christian belief is that all God’s children are “saints in the making.” Everyone is called to aspire toward the holiness and selflessness of a Mother Teresa or Saint Francis. At the...

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

Spend 5 minutes in quiet reflective thought about Blessed Sister Rosalie with this video based on her correspondence and the witness of her Sisters. You will soon see that she was sensitive to all suffering: “There is something that is choking me and takes away my...