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Feast of Blessed Ceferino Giménez Malla (1861-1936)

Roman Catholic catechist. Member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Activist for Spanish Romani causes. Patron saint of Romani people. Victim of the Spanish Republican militias during the Civil War.

Devotion to St. Justin de Jacobis in Eritrea and Ethiopia

St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M. (feast day: July 30) faced and overcame many challenges and hardships. His humility, goodness, and charity inspired vocations to the priesthood and converted many others in 19th century Abyssinia.

July 18: First Apparition of Mary to St. Catherine Labouré

The Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia is proud to announce its Saint ALIVE program, in which St. Catherine Labouré comes to life, sharing the story of Mary and the Miraculous Medal.

Reflection on the Apparitions of Mary to St. Catherine Labouré

Fr. Frank Sacks, CM, shares a reflection on the Three Apparitions of Mary to St. Catherine Labouré as depicted in the art of the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia.

What Makes A Great Video?

What Makes A Great Video?

What makes a great video for web or for Facebook? From the people at Buffer on we have some hints from the marketing world. Buffer Intro Video Proof 2 So let's break it down in our language: Focus on stories, not on convincing anybody. Be...

“Dream Dreams” prayer service

“Dream Dreams” prayer service

The wording of this prayer service was originally used at a Vincentian Family Gathering with Fr. Gregory Gay at the conclusion of his visitation with Vincentians of the Eastern Province, U.S.A. It is about dreaming... of expanding our vision, of increased...

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