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The Stations of the Cross with Bishop Barron (Video)

Lent reminds us to take time for God and reflect. To aid us in this, many online resources are available.

The Pope Video • Recognition of the Right of Christian Communities

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: Recognition of the Right of Christian Communities

A Heart On Fire 400 Years Ago Shaped Our Church Today (Part 6)

Part 6 of the new video series written and narrated by Fr. John Freund, C.M.

Daughters of Charity: The Beginnings

This video from the Daughters of Charity International helps us reflect on the influence that St. Vincent and St. Louise exercised jointly in founding the Daughters of Charity.

Combining Pragmatism with Idealism

Combining Pragmatism with Idealism

In this video posted by the Hay Leadership Project Depaul University, Susanne Dumbleton, Ph.D. offers some ways of teaching/learning that could be helpful to the various branches of the Family who wish to attract and work with younger Vincentians.

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