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Articles for Vincentian Family Office

Advent Reflections: Vincentian Family Office (Part Two)

Fr. Joe Agostino, CM, from the Vincentian Family Office offers a brief video on Advent.

Advent Reflections: Vincentian Family Office (Part One)

During the Advent Season, each one of the four members of the International Vincentian Family Office will offer a brief video. Part One

The Vincentian Family as a Movement

Visitors to the Vincentian Family website are obviously familiar with the concept of the Vincentian Family. But how many of us think of the Vincentian Family as a Movement?

New Youth Task Force Meets in Philadelphia

The new Youth Task Force of the Vincentian Family identified four key components of their mission, around which they began to create a shared language: direct service/relationship with those living in poverty; inspired by and appreciative of the love of God; universally inclusive; and charity and justice.

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