July 26: Arrival of Felix de Andreis, C.M., Joseph Rosati, C.M., and companions in the U.S.

They sailed to Baltimore, MD, primarily to establish a seminary in the Louisiana territory.

The Declaration of Independence – Read It Recently?

I confess Almost 250 years ago on July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress set in motion a major systemic change for the United States of America… also the whole world. We know it as “The Declaration of Independence.” I confess that until last year I had not read...

Mapping Herstory #IamVincent

Mapping can tell a good story. The AIC-USA is determined about the project of mapping herstory. In a creative new part of their website called "Spotlight on Associations," the Association of International Charities in the USA is using mapping to tell stories of the...

AIC-USA Poised to Celebrate the 400th Anniversary

The Association of International Charities (AIC) in the United States is already gearing up for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian charism, especially as that charism is lived in the lives of its members! There's ... video a super timeline,...
Vincent, traffic lights, the Presence of God

Vincent, traffic lights, the Presence of God

Mike Syslo of the SVDP USA writes, “I have been reading “Little Steps to Great Holiness” by Charles Hugo Doyle. In the chapter on The Presence of God, the author refers to St. Vincent de Paul and how he focused on the presence of God throughout his life. I have included below that segment of Doyle’s book for your reflection.

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