Articles for Timelines

Contribution of Bishop John Timon, C.M. to Early U.S. Church and Society

April 16 is the anniversary of the death of Bishop John Timon, C.M., the first provincial superior of the American province of the Congregation of the Mission and one of the giants of the early U.S. Catholic Church. He  established and/or encouraged many charitable...

History of the Ladies of Charity USA

St. Vincent de Paul’s first foundation, the Ladies of Charity, responded to the needs of the poor in 17th century France, and continue to do so today in the International Associations of Charity (abbreviated: AIC). Next week they celebrate their 402nd anniversary.

St. Vincent, and All Vincentians, As Formators

Most of St. Vincent’s letters, documents, and conferences were aimed at the formation of those whom he had gathered together in the service of the poor, and we are called to act in the same spirit.

Life of Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Timeline of Bl. Frederic’s life.

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