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From DePaul University: Cultivating Student Success By Providing Information Technology Services

In this video from their “Seeds of the Mission” series, Tyneka Harris Coronado talks about her work as a project leader in Information Services at DePaul as being a mix of Servant Leadership and Vincentian Personalism.

Now on Social: What World?

In a recent article on Medium called What World Are We Building?, Danah Boyd writes, I grew up in small town Pennsylvania, where I struggled to fit in. As a geeky queer kid, I rebelled against hypocritical dynamics in my community. When I first got access to the...

VMY (JMV) to renovate website design

The folks at JMV are about to renovate their website, and have embarked on a collaborative project to promote participation in website design.

Humans need not apply

Humans need not apply

Formation Friday – Do you know?

Formation Friday – Do you know?

Where would you find articles dedicated to Pinterest and our charism Vincentians using technology Essential Readings in Vincentian Spirituality Vincentian heros Understanding Our Origins Vincentian Social Media Vincentian Virtues and Charism These are just some of the...

Staggering Statistics of the Mobile Web

Staggering Statistics of the Mobile Web

Mobile web use is increasing by leaps and bounds. It can be quite difficult for web designers to keep up, since "Responsive Design" (building websites that look good on all sorts of screens) is still an emerging technology. FAMVIN is a communication vehicle for the...

Our flight from conversation

Have you ever observed what Sherry Turkle writes of in a recent New York TImes article... "We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection." "A 16-year-old boy who relies on texting...

Digital worship?

 Cathy Lynn Grossman,  in a USA TODAY article about the use of technology by churches writes, "Find the church by going online -- the 21st-century version of sighting a steeple on the horizon. Beyond their website, Christ Fellowship has a Facebook page to give it a...

Should all Vincentians embrace Twitter, etc.?

It depends! Here are some words of wisdom from a long time Non-profit activist, Jayne Cravens. The primary goal of a nonprofit, NGO, government agency or mother mission-based organization in using Twitter isn't for its messages to go viral (to be retweeted/resent on a...

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