“Let Us Dedicate Ourselves to the Poor”

You can find great texts in the early Bulletins of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which are still fully relevant today.

Vincentians – Celebrating and Challenging

Let’s remember what we learned during COVID-19, especially how we managed to maintain our personal relationship with those who, in addition to the daily challenges of living in poverty, must now weather the effects of the pandemic.

Novel But Realistic Approach To Homelessness

Imagine that! Asking people who had personal experience of what the problem was and what might be the solution.

The Challenge and Witness of Frederic Ozanam

This 15-minute video tells the story of the founding of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul by Frederic Ozanam and his friends, in a time when their country was facing massive social change.

“I’m just one person. What can I do?”

“I’m just one person. What can I do?”

“I have a passion for the issues that face those we visit. And I know that advocacy would help. But I’m just one person. What can I do?” Jack Murphy, Atlanta, GA, National Voice Of the Poor Chair voices the concern and offers a Vincentian response…. Just one person can make a difference.

Hearing the cries of the poor at the border

Who hears the cry of the young mothers and children detained at the border? asks Giulio Grecchi, Tucson, AZ, Western Region Voice of the Poor Representative. After describing the situation he pleads “Something has to be changed” and offers suggestions about what Vincentian can do

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