Frederic Ozanam’s Tactical Wisdom For Today’s Society

Excerpts from an article by Fr. Thomas McKenna, C.M. in which he examines Frédéric Ozanam’s conception of how a religious tradition should engage its surrounding society.

“Let Us Dedicate Ourselves to the Poor”

You can find great texts in the early Bulletins of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which are still fully relevant today.

Vincentians – Celebrating and Challenging

Let’s remember what we learned during COVID-19, especially how we managed to maintain our personal relationship with those who, in addition to the daily challenges of living in poverty, must now weather the effects of the pandemic.

Novel But Realistic Approach To Homelessness

Imagine that! Asking people who had personal experience of what the problem was and what might be the solution.

A Vincentian Response to Baltimore

A Vincentian Response to Baltimore

The “haves” must discover that all of the “have not’s” are not cheats and lazy. The “have not’s” must realize that the “haves” are not all greedy, uncaring people. The only way to do that in any lasting way is to treat the problem in a slightly larger way than our current model…bring hope to one zip code at a time.