What We Know… and Forget… About St. Vincent

Vincent serves as a prime example of what Pope Francis calls an “open-eyed mystic”… whose prayer led to action and whose action led to prayer.

The Prophetic Dimension of the Vincentian Charism • Part 2 • (How) Did Vincent See Into The Future? #famvin400

This is the second of a series of formation packages meant for individual or group study based upon “The Prophetic Dimension of the Vincentian Charism in light of the Social Doctrine of the Church” by Sr. María Pilar López. We will see how Vincent de Paul, his...

Saturday Study Hall – Trivializing the Vincentian Charism

“I think that we trivialize our charism and tradition, if we limit it to mean only works of service” Gertrude Foley SC

Stop! Look! Go! – Recipe for Gratefulness

A blessed New Year to you and to all those close to your heart! Let’s open our eyes and recognize 2014 for what it really is: A wonderful tree heavy with harvest -- every day of all four seasons. And let’s practice the trick for harvesting this abundance of gifts. The...

Regina Bechtle – Helpful Advice on Prayer

The following is taken from the November 2013 issue of Living with Christ,page 20. We invite you to visit their website at This month, Living with Christ asked Sr. Regina: What is the most helpful advice you’ve received about prayer? As a young...

Vincentians – who are we?

Vincentians – who are we?

Gratefulness. org is inviting people to be "Guardians for Gratefulness" As I read the description of who they are the verbs stood out. I began thinking, "How would a group of Vincentians complete those sentences in the context of being Servants of those who are poor...

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