Articles for Solidarity

The Church Is No Expert…

Pope Francis call us to explore together how our Catholic social tradition can help the human family heal this world that suffers from serious illnesses.

Pope international unemployment, migration and solidarity

In a message that would resonate with Frederic Ozanam and Vincent dePaul the Pope calls for a more determined implementation of international labour standards

Baptism and Solidarity

Digital artist Sr. Ellen LaCapria, D.C. offers a visual aid to enter into contemplation about ambiguity. This image arose from her reflection on #75 in  Pope Francis’ Gospel of Joy and is the fifth installment of her weekly artistic variations on her community seal. -...

Jesuits on Pope Francis

From the IgnatianSolidarity Net... Clearly, as time moves forward there will be much to learn about Pope Francis, but for the time being we thought we would share a few quotes that represent the importance the social mission of the Church has played in his ministry:...

Prayers for SVDP Assembly in Seattle

In an expression of Vincentian solidarity let us keep in our prayers  the 2012 National Assembly - St Vincent de Paul Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - Saturday, September 01, 2012. They will be wrestling with the theme "HOPE IN HARD TIMES" (See their tentative agenda.)

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