Sister’s Hospital

Daughters of Charity leave their mark on Buffalo

Daughters of Charity leave their mark on Buffalo

Buffalo’s tribute to Daughters of Charity

Sister Mary Grace Higgins needed the cuddle this time around more than the newborn did. After a few squirms, little Jackson Price – just 5 days old and a tad over 5 pounds – settled into Higgins’ arms and began to nod off. A “cuddler” in the neonatal intensive care...

Daughters leaving Buffalo hospital

After 165 Years, Daughters of Charity are leaving Sisters Hospital in Buffalo. But they leave a lasting legacy according to Joe McDonald, President & CEO Catholic Health and Peter Bergmann, President & CEO Sisters of Charity Hospital. "Today, 165 years later,...

New role for Sisters

Hugging nuns - The 8/3 City section of the Buffalo New contains the following item... Sisters's cuddling sisters  "In the intense competition over baby deliveries in Western New York, sisters Hospital has a weapon that Women and Children's Hospital can't match:...

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