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Sisters of Mokama are Featured on Podcast

Jyoti Thottam, author of “Sisters of Mokama: The Pioneering Women Who Brought Hope and Healing to India,” recently spoke with host Scott Rank of the History Unplugged podcast.

A mission of love

It has been two years since the SCN Volunteer Program has been able to bring a team of volunteers back to Belize, due to the global pandemic that has become our daily life.

Six Nuns Came to India to Start a Hospital. They Ended up Changing a Country

The presence of Nazareth Hospital, as an institution founded and run by women, stands as a challenge to those in power, a lasting reminder of those early years and that crystalline moment of hope.

Improving Health and Saving Lives: Campaign for a Tuberculosis free India

A much-loved Sister in India has spent years helping to restore health to the very ill and create awareness around a prevalent disease.

VCS Pairs with College Students

VCS Pairs with College Students

Vincentian Collaborative System (VCS) is offering free room and board to six students in a one-year intergenerational residency through LaRoche University, trading no-cost accommodations for their tech-savvy skills

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