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Articles for Saturday Study Hall

Sacred Heart – Spirituality of Vincent and Louise

“For Vincent, the heart of Jesus was the source of missionary zeal. For Louise, it was the font of a burning charity that was both affective and effective.”

Vincent on the Trinity and Corpus Christi

Former Superior General Robert Maloney offered the following insights on Vincent on the Trinity and Corpus Christi. As we approach a "trinity" of celebrations which includes Father's Day in the USA we offer the following as the topic for reflection in the series...

D-Day – Perspectives from the Vincentian Tradition

On this 70th anniversary of D-Day it seems fitting to repost an earlier offering from the series Saturday Study Hall - "Vincent and Peace Today" Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Palestine - our eyes glaze over... or shut in horror. We long for peace but it seems to many to be...

Shadow side of the Vincentian Charism

The "shadow side" refers to an area where little light falls. It is often used to refer to aspects of ourselves which we often are not aware of or reflect on. Fr. John Prager, CM on the difficulties many serving those who live on the margins face but rarely reflect...
Saturday Study Hall – “Wake up the World”

Saturday Study Hall – “Wake up the World”

he challenge from Pope Francis is clear.  "WAKE UP THE WORLD" “The church must be attractive. Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, acting, living! (Show) it’s possible to live differently in this world.” "A charism needs to be “lived...

Saturday Study Hall – Our favorite phrases

Saturday Study Hall – Our favorite phrases

Phrase we have used in the Vincentian Family... do we know where they came from and what is their context? Leave God for God Turn the medal The poor are our Lords and masters Affective and effective love The poor evangelize us The poor are our judges The following...

Saturday Study Hall – “Wake up the World”

Saturday Study Hall – Journey with Vincent

We are all on a spiritual journey. Abraham risked all to follow God's invitation even in advanced age. The disciples journeyed with Christ and found themselves in surprising places. So too Vincent. His journey took him seeking a life of security to following Christ...

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