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Enrich Your Catholic Faith Life in the New Year

Looking for a way to enrich your Catholic Faith Life in the New Year? Fr. Ron Hoye, C.M., director of the Catholic Home Study (CHS), is offering Catholic teaching and enrichment to people who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. Sponsored by his...

Seton Shrine Offers Helpful Resources for Children (or anyone!)

Did you know that the Seton Shrine offers free resources for children about St. Elizabeth Ann and the era in which she lived?

New Biography of Antoine Frederic Ozanam

The University of Notre Dame Press has just published a biography of Antoine Frederic Ozanam by Raymond Sickinger. He is the chair of the Department of History and Classics at Providence College. This is this first comprehensive biography in English in a long time....

Mercy and the Spirit of St. Vincent de Paul

The Church’s Year of Mercy will draw to a close on November 20… about 1 month to go. As Vincentians we are constantly learning how to be vessels of God’s mercy for others.

Resources of the Year of Faith from Pat Gohn

Resources of the Year of Faith from Pat Gohn

Pat Gohn has compiled and generously shared resources for the Year of Faith. After viewing the following I encourage you to  visit her page and "like" it or share by clicking on the sharing links she provides at the end. The Year of Faith  has a three-fold focus:...

FAMVIN’s “best kept secret”

FAMVIN’s “best kept secret”

Famvin is much more than news! Need formation resources? VinFormation, a website within famvin, has lots of goodies. But it has been hidden in plain sight with a link to "Formation" towards the top of every FamVin page. VinFormation has prepared a list of links...

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