Articles for Relief

Vincentian relief for Philippines

In the name of the VFCC, I am writing all the member branches to respond to the needs of the victims of the super typhoon, Yolanda

Vincentian perspectives on violence

Given all the blood that is being shed today it might be easy to forget that Vincent was not no stranger to bloodshed and war. So it is legitimate to ask "What would Vincent do" (WWVD) or better yet, "What did Vincent do?" We are blessed with an article "Vincent de...

St. Vincent de Paul Society Sandy Relief Donations

Donate to the Victims of Hurricane Sandy Please go to the National Council’s secure donation page (Donate Now). Add the amount of your contribution to the “Domestic Disaster Relief” box.

Peace is more than just words

In "Drink Deeply My Daughter" Amanda Kern concludes a reflection on Vincent and Peace with  "Vincent teaches us that peace is not words. You won't find eloquent or flowery words from Vincent about peace. You will, however, find action, which as Vincent shows us, is...

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