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Frederic Ozanam: Pioneer and Prophet

Frederic Ozanam’s practical theology foreshadowed seismic shifts in Catholic social theory 100 years into the future.

Are We Ministerial “Rip Van Winkles”?

For over twenty years we have been living in the very early stages of a “digital revolution.” We are just now beginning to realize how this digital revolution is impacting every facet of our lives.

The Focus of Prophecy and Pope Francis

“I would like to invite you to go on a journey together… I am calling it a journey because it requires a shift, a change.” Pope Francis

Vincent – “centuries ahead of the Church’s magisterium”

"We will see how Vincent de Paul, his teaching and his life were centuries ahead of the Church’s magisterium." Thus writes  Sister María Pilar López, DC and she offers proof in a very insightful and challenging article "The Prophetic Dimension of the Vincentian...

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