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Articles for Philadelphia

A Hometown Success Story

“More than 95% of those who cycle through [Project HOME]… have never again returned to life on the streets— a success rate that has made the program a model for dozens of other U.S. cities.”

Congregation of the Mission Celebrating 170 years in Philadelphia – EWTN News Nightly

Featured on EWTN News Nightly: The Vincentians have been helping Philadelphia’s poor for 170 years. (Video)

VFCAP USA Launch in Philadelphia

The Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program (VFCAP) launched for the first time in the United States on January 28 at the Mother Boniface Spirituality Center in Philadelphia, PA[1. The Mother Boniface Center is a work of the Missionary Servants of the Most...

Serve: Germantown Systemic Change Initiative

The Germantown Systemic Change Initiative (GSCI) is a project aimed at improving the lives of the vulnerable citizens of the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia by building meaningful collaboration among community-based organizations and creating a collective...
Vincentian artist explains his work

Vincentian artist explains his work

Bro. Mark Elder, CM writes.... "Finally after 3 summer sessions, I finished a rather large public mural in Germantown of Philadelphia. The color is bright and those of you who know Germantown…it’s by choice.  It’s called ‘St. Vincent’s Orchard’.  Please give a look at...

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