Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Reflection by Fr. Rojan George, V.C. (Video)

Today we share this Palm Sunday reflection by Fr Rojan George, V.C. of the Vincentian Retreat Centre, Melbourne, Australia (over 20K YouTube subscribers). From their website: VINCENTIAN CONGREGATION The Vincentian Congregation is a...

Beyond Waving Palm Branches

On Palm Sunday will I be waving the palm branches of my blind spots or holding high the cross of God’s universal love?

Pope Francis’ Palm Sunday homily

Pope Francis’ Palm Sunday homily

Ladies of Charity reflect on “Mob psychology” and Palm Sunday

Ladies of Charity reflect on “Mob psychology” and Palm Sunday. This week’s reflection, written by Sr. Carol Schumer, D.C., inspires us: rather than becoming caught up in “mob psychology”, we must learn to live in authenticity and love, as modeled by Our Lord Jesus and also by St. Vincent de Paul.

Vincentian Voices on Palm Sunday

Vincentian Voices are heard with increasing frequency this Holy Week... Sr. Carol Schumer, DC (The) passages for this Sunday bombard us with activity: untying, helping, riding, spreading, praising, proclaiming, rebuking; eating, drinking, sharing, debating, arguing,...

Pope Francis – Palm Sunday Homily

Pope Francis – Palm Sunday Homily

Palm  Sunday in three words... Joy, Cross and Youth JOY “Jesus enters Jerusalem. The crowd of disciples accompanies him in festive mood, their garments are stretched out before him, there is talk of the miracles he has accomplished, and loud praises are heard:...

History of Palm Sunday

Scott P. Richert offers the following brief history of Palm Sunday... Beginning in the fourth century in Jerusalem, Palm Sunday was marked by a procession of the faithful carrying palm branches, representing the Jews who celebrated Christ's entrance into...

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