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Niagara University Secures Home Depot Grant to Upgrade Niagara Falls Residences

Home Depot works with Niagara University and local schools, churches and nonprofit entities to help build better communities.

ReNu Niagara: Community Outreach @NiagaraUniv

Niagara University is taking community outreach to a high-impact level. Nancy Fischer of the Buffalo News writes in a wonderful story and interview about Niagara University's Thomas Lowe. Thomas Lowe the director of ReNU Niagara, has been recognized for the leadership...

Dignity for the working poor at Christmas

Dignity for the working poor at Christmas – Every Mom and Dad wants to give their children gifts at Christmas. For many parents the biggest hassle is fighting the crowds but for others who are classed “the working poor” or disabled it is not about special gifts but basic gifts, the necessities of life.

In the shadow of Niagara Falls

In the shadow of one of the foremost tourist attractions in the USA and Canada poverty is growing daily among the families at the Mount St. Mary’s Neighborhood Health Center in Niagara Falls, NY. It's not confined to a neighborhood, race or family structure. It is...

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